Moxley Manor Haunted House

January 13, 2022

The Moxley Manor Haunted House is located in the Dallas-Ft. Worth metroplex. This haunted house features intense gore scenes, high-quality scare tactics, and detailed scenes that are fit for the big screen. While it may seem like a typical horror attraction, the scares are actually real and the actors are very convincing. The haunted house is one of the most popular attractions in the metroplex, and it is an absolute must-see for horror enthusiasts. It’s located at 510 Harwood Rd, Bedford, TX 76021. 

The Moxley Manor Haunted House is a great way to scare family members or friends. The maze is a 15-minute walk through an old farmhouse. The creepy sets and makeup were great, and I had a few good scares at the end of the trail. I'd highly recommend it to frighten your family, or bring a group of friends.

The attraction is rated a 3/5. It has been named one of the scariest haunted houses in the DFW area. The house features a skeleton behind a typewriter, a cannibal clown, and more. There are also plenty of other features that will make you jump out of your skin. You'll definitely come out scared! It's definitely a must-see haunted house in DFW!

If you're looking for a haunted house in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, the Moxley Manor Haunted House is a must-visit for a spooky experience. It's one of the top rated haunted houses in DFW, and is definitely worth the visit. I highly recommend this attraction and encourage you to go see it for yourself!

If you're looking for a spooky attraction in Dallas, Moxley Manor is a great place to visit. The haunted house is well-known for several scares, including a cannibal clown and a skeleton behind a typewriter. The skeleton in the typewriter and a cannibal clown are both great attractions.

The Moxley Manor Haunted House is one of the scariest haunted houses in the DFW area. This is a must-visit haunted house in DFW. You can choose to visit the Moxley Manor Haunted House in Bedford, Texas and enjoy the many different scares that are present in this haunted house. You can even choose to visit the Clown's House, which is a unique attraction in the Haunted Forest.

This haunted house is geared toward teens and is one of the best haunted houses in Texas. Guests can walk through a real Japanese samurai-themed room, which is filled with Japanese folklore.

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