Can Chiropractic Care Help Improve Sleep?

February 20, 2022

Sleep issues can arise due to various reasons. One of the primary factors that contribute to poor sleep quality is pain in the body. Along with the pain, insomnia is prevalent in adults and affects up to 30% of the adult population. Besides insomnia, issues like sleep apnea and narcolepsy are also prevalent in the population, causing a barrier in sound sleep.

People usually lookout for special types of pillows or new mattresses to alleviate this never-ending body pain. Some people even try new exercises and bring changes in their diet. However, consulting with your chiropractor is an amazing option to address all the issues related to your body and enjoy a restful night's slumber. Many studies indicate a strong link between poor sleep and chronic pain. Pain in the hips, legs, neck, and spine can cause discomfort, making it hard to sleep peacefully.

If you find yourself struggling with sleep or if you constantly wake up in the middle of the night and you find it hard to go back to sleep, then you should definitely consult with a chiropractor.

Let's have a look at how chiropractors can assist in improving your sleep

Chiropractor Helps Create Consistent Routine

A chiropractor can assist you to sleep better by proposing simple stretches and gentle physical exercises that you might undertake before going to bed each night. These exercises and body stretches are helpful in giving you a deeper, more peaceful night's sleep so you may wake up feeling refreshed each morning.

When you create such a routine, it relaxes your muscles and releases anxiousness before sleep, reducing the cause of your sleep problems. So, not only do these exercises benefit you in having better sleep, but a consistent workout and stretching routine are good for your body also.

Spinal Adjustments for Sound Sleep

Spinal adjustments can be very helpful in improving your body posture. It stimulates circulation, promotes relaxation, and prepares the body for a good night's sleep by aligning the spine. Chiropractors evaluate your entire sleep pattern and offer you practical treatments so that you can have a better sleep.

Chiropractors talk to you about your sleeping posture and choose the optimal one for you. Based on the evaluation, the chiropractor gives recommendations for a more peaceful night's sleep. Appropriate chiropractic therapy can reduce body stress and enhance the function and efficiency of all body components. Energy is used more efficiently, and it is simpler to rest after a hard day when the body is performing at its optimum. As a result, many of the ailments that cause sleep disturbance are reduced.

Chiropractor Also Advice on Pillow Type and Mattress that You Should Use

Visiting chiropractors can benefit you in many ways. They are knowledgeable about the finest and most effective mattresses and pillow kinds that can assist in improving sleep quality. If you want to enhance your sleep, one of the first things you should do is choose a mattress and pillow that won't put too much pressure on your body.

Your chiropractor can advise you on what mattress and pillow firmness you require for the best back, neck, and spine support. It's worth investing a few additional bucks on sleep time bedding and accessories to ensure adequate sleep every night.

Studies on Chiropractic Care and Sleep

Many studies have been performed on adults and babies to understand the connection between chiropractic care and better sleep. According to a study, manipulative care positively impacts better sleep, and it reduces the crying time of a baby by one hour.  Moreover, there is evidence that pregnant women have observed a reduction in lower back pain along with improved sleep.

Are You Still Not Sure if Chiropractor is the Right Decision for You?

It's quite understandable for you to have doubts when it comes to your health. You should not make any decisions lightly. If you are still not sure about going to a chiropractor, you can consider steps such as

• Understanding what is causing sleep distress. If body pain is the cause of sleeplessness, then you should definitely visit a chiropractor.  

• If you have money issues, you can consult with your insurance provider and confirm if your insurance covers chiropractic care.

• Last but not least, talk to your close friend or relative and ask about their experience of seeing a chiropractor.

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